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Medical Waste

The Phenix shreds red bag medical waste to a consistent one inch minus material.

Green Waste

The Phenix allows for processing of difficult to shred materials such as palm frond, heavy grasses like arundo and bamboo, rice straw and coconut husk.

Municipal Waste

Landfill, transfer stations and MRF’s greatly benefit from shredding the currently disposed material to a one-inch minus size, greatly reducing the amount of material transported and disposed.

Waste Processing

The Phenix provides solutions for processing steel belted tires as well as plastics for fuel conversion and other use.

About Goodland Sciences

Goodland Sciences creates innovative and transformative waste technologies. These technologies convert all waste into usable materials with incredible benefits to the planet and people.

Imagine waste that’s 100% reclaimed as building material, fuel matter or even productive soil for growing. Our premier product, the proprietary Phenix 2000 delivers a cost-saving, patent-pending waste conversion process. The hydraulically operated machine takes post recycled refuse, loose biomass residuals and other waste debris and converts it into a stable, odor-free and environmentally friendly matter.

Our clients are municipalities, medical waste processors, waste to fuel processors, waste haulers, landfills, hotels, restaurants and others in the waste business who profit directly from our innovative solutions.

We believe that waste is an asset not a liability. Our technologies benefit the public, municipalities, and companies while reducing the need for problematic waste solutions, such as landfills that have long-term harmful effects on the environment.

We believe all waste matter is good and endeavor to fulfill the promise and story in our name, Goodland Sciences.

Phenix 2000 – Municipal Solid Waste input – Output “fluff”

Phenix 2000 working prototype

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